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Best 3 apps with real Ukraine girls

What is known about Ukraine and its women?

Ukraine was hardly known in the world just a few decades ago. Even whenbeautiful Ukrainian ladies overcrowded Internet dating agencies, men wondered what this country is about.

Many feared to visit it, simply because it was small, underdeveloped, and too far away to travel. But fears were disappearing as soon as westerners learned about its warm climate and beaches.

A cosy country with lots of organic fruits and veggies, sunny, featured by a quickly growing infrastructure including luxurious hotels and SPAs, and surely full of naturally gorgeous women.

It sounded too good to believe, so the most rationalistic men started to focus on negative reports of other travellers, who were predictably ripped off by everyone they met, even the drivers.

But there is much worse criminalistic situation we observe in some Latin American countries, where single westerners also often go to find a bride or a girlfriend. Ukraine is way safer.

dating app. Brilic

Today, when it went through many political storms and stabilized for a while, it became a promised land for many dreamers, investors, and businessmen. Tom Cruise is going to shoot a movie there!

So, dating Ukrainian girls isn’t that exotic and questionable anymore, it’s certainly a pleasant adventure in all meanings and one of the best experiences with a happy ending.


Where to meet Ukrainian girls online?

Since 2017, Ukrainians can travel to Europe more freely, and this simplifying partially concerns their trips to western countries as well. So, they became much more open-minded.

It’s now typical for a Ukrainian girl to seek a foreign partner and be focused on intense travelling. No wonder they spend so much time on dating apps, but only on those they trust to.

No. 3 dating app. UkraineDate

This app is comparatively new, yet classical and very intuitive for the users. Ukrainian women have it because they got used to it, and it’s super convenient even for older females.

Although not so preferred by youth who wants things more trendy, UkraineDate contains a big number of real profiles and provides romantic meetings every now and then.

No. 2 dating app. Mamba

This platform seems to never lose its positions, and it has been a while since it gained popularity. It contains millions and millions of single girls profiles, although they seek local encounters too.

Western men appreciate Mamba for a huge choice it provides, even if they should be ready some of the girls will not be speaking good English and not all of them are model-looking.

No. 1 dating app. Brilic

An interesting story is connected with this app, it started as an Asian dating platform but after its first success in this field, the dating blog for Russian-speaking female users has been added.

Since Eastern European women shown a big interest, and thousands of them registered in a short time, Brilic continued to promote western – Russian dating and welcome new users.

dating app. Mamba

Brilic has another important trait: it suggests a costly membership for male users which guarantees they aren’t completely jobless and incapable of creating a family.

Previous two apps definitely do not provide this information, so girls basically remain helpless in the ocean of men who possibly cannot make lifetime partners.


How to find the best Ukrainian girl online

Many words are said about that, but times are changing and so are Ukrainian women. Sometimes, for conquering them, men have to change their approach as well.

The most helpful strategy is categorizing Ukrainian girls by different parameters. Even by their photos! Since online dating today isn’t agency-organized, all profile photos are chosen by a girl.

Categorizing by a profile photo quality

Men fear that too beautiful women with perfect studio photos may appear to be fraudulent personalities. They have a stereotype that an average woman in Ukraine couldn’t pay the photoshoot.

But it’s a wrong stereotype. First of all, Ukrainian girls are famousfor their beauty so many of them become models where they are provided the first portfolio for free.

Even if they don’t, photographers often invite their most stunning acquaintances to help them promote their studio, so again, girls are getting wonderful photos simply as a gift.

So don’t worry, perfect studio photos might just be a sign that a woman is determined to find a partner the soonest and she wants to look her best in order to achieve that.

dating app. UkraineDate

While photos of low quality may signalize about a trouble. Check whether all of the profile photos are unclear and badly focused; maybe, they are stolen from a girl’s FB page by a catfisher.

If a girl is very young, and lives in a village, it is totally possible she doesn’t have very professional photos so far. But these facts should be checked before making a conclusion.

Categorizing by girl’s clothes

We all want to see the minimum of clothes on a girl. But what does it mean if there’s a minimum indeed? It depends, what pieces of clothes we mean and how they look.

Fancy cocktail dress which is short but elegant and decent: that’s a perfect option. So-called princess style. A girl either received a good advice, or made a great choice by herself.

Half-transparent nightgown or extremely short babydoll dress are somewhat disturbing. No matter how much it pleases our eyes, we might face at least a sugar baby or a game player.

Of course, if it’s a hookup app or your mutual purpose is casual sex, then it’s ok, as well as naughty lingerie or a bikini suit. But wow, that’s almost an escort girl already.

hookup app

The best if she has these photos, but she keeps them in a private folder that only her favourited men can view. That would be healthier, especially if you’re a jealous type.

Categorizing by her smile and glance

A girl’s smile is what greatly attracts us to her, and tells us a lot about her personality. But her smile also indicates her search purpose much better than her profile self-description.

Did you notice that we tend to think about a woman with warm and shining smile that she’s a perfect wife type? It’s often true, and this stereotype is widely used in video ads.

A girl’s smile can also be predatory. We find it sexy, that’s for sure. Our body might react on that quicker than our mind, so a wild cat smile is somewhere a key to our heart.

But we should be careful with that kind. Professional daters and scammers do happen to have this kind of smile, as well as nymphomaniac who do not know how to stay faithful in a relationship.

It’s all the same about her glance as well. It can be soft and gentle or a hunter’s glance. We believe eyes are the window to the soul. Well it’s partially so! Don’t underestimate it.

meet real girls

The posture also brings a lot of information. If it’s just a sexy posture set by a photographer, showing all curves of the body, what can you say? This girl desperately wants a husband!

But it would be good to have a few casual photos as well, for example, on a kitchen or in the garden. It makes the impression cosier and makes us want to be there with her.

No need to say it’s better to avoid women who post their photo with a cigarette or a bottle of beer. It’s ok to have a cute photo with a glass of champagne though, especially Christmas-themed.

The choice is always yours, just pay attention to the photos, including those ones she’s sending you in chat. You’ll find your special one for sure, and she will be right for you.