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Russian Dating. What are the Secrets of Successful Relationships with Women?

Russian Dating. What are the Secrets of Successful Relationships with Women?

After a man finds his soul mate, he must understand that problems are just starting, not ending. The real relationship differs from the movie and our mythical representation. When a man dreams about ideal relations everything goes without problems and efforts. Love is immense, sex is amazing, complete mutual understanding and support of each other. But the reality is different. The problems are just beginning, and you should be ready for them. It depends on you weather the Russian women date will be successful or not. Any relationship requires work. The secret of long-term relationships you can fins at


What are the secrets of good relationships?

1.Tell your expectations to each other. What are your hopes, plans and dreams for the next 10 years? If you don’t share them with your woman, it may turn out that you are not following the same path at all. It is better to find out in the beginning what everyone wants and expects.

2.Act wisely. Treat the beloved woman as you want her to treat you. Do not break this golden rule of morality. Build relationships on trust - less jealousy, reproaches, sarcasm and negativity.

3.Talk to each other. Partners cannot read minds. Talk about your emotions, feelings and mood. What do you worry about at the moment and what worries each of you? What do you want in life and sex? Secrets and their solution will not make anyone happy. Discuss each other's needs.

4.Do not try to change each other. We must immediately look for the person who is needed, and not try to remake the one who has been caught. Agree that you cannot change each other. You can talk about this, but a person is unlikely to change.

5.Go for compromises. Conflicts and misunderstandings will always arise, but almost all are solved. Compassion, kindness, help and understanding are very important. Try to find some compromises.

6.More love and sex. You chose each other because of a mutual attraction. Try not to lose love, tenderness and passion over the years. Maintain a romantic mood and flirt. More variety in sex and knowledge of each other's intimate desires. Confess your love. There is no guarantee in life that the new relationship will develop successfully. But you need work in it.

7.Respect each other. Treat each other with respect. You can be completely different: different interests and life principles, religion, level of education and income. Learn from your half, discover something new. Respect is the basis of friendship, and without it, long and lasting relationships are impossible.

8.Stability. Long and happy relationships are built on loyalty. And since you expect it from your partner, do not deceive her expectations. Any pair faces problems and disagreements. Maybe you should make efforts and try to solve them, than to seek happiness on the side.

9. Expression of feelings. Tell the love-words to your beloved woman. Smile to each other. Severely shifted eyebrows or constantly unhappy expression of a face will scare anyone. If you love – show it. If you are going to live together long and happily, do not forget about expression of your feelings.


10.Sex. Don’t be a Comstocker. There should be no barriers and restrictions in the sexual sphere between loving people. Do not hide your desires, go to meet the desires of a partner, give each other pleasure. Sex is an integral part of harmonious relationships. Expand yourself, discover new things in your partner, and reach new heights together.

11.Care. Anyone, even the strongest and most successful person, needs care. A cup of coffee brought to the computer, dinner cooked with love, clean and cozy house, tea with raspberries during cold periods. Such simple manifestations of love and tenderness are a sign of a happy couple.

We hope that these small tips will help you build successful relationships and change your life for better with beautiful and caring Russian woman. Our team wishes you good luck and we will be to help any moment you need.