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Russian women vs Ukrainian women: top facts

What makes Russia and Ukraine so similar?

Ukrainian resorts with marvellous yet cheap beaches are ones of the most popular dating destinations in the world. But what do we really know about Ukrainian girls’ mentality?

Just like Russia, Ukraine has also been a part of USSR. If you date the ladies of 35+ years old, you may still see a slight shadow of conservative communistic thinking in them. Older is worse.

However, very young girls at the age of 20-28 don’t have those memories and their upbringing was less strict. They are nearly not limited at all in their sexual behaviour or style.

When you observe them walking on the streets they rather remind Paris girls or Milano girls, fashionable and feminine. Even the least provided girls manage to pick bright and fancy clothes.

The average salary in Ukraine is 300 USD which is much higher than a decade ago but still isn’t sufficient. No wonder they expect a man’s assistance in shopping and living costs.

Women are usually business-minded though and do their best to have a little business with their fathers’ or boyfriends’ help. The same in Moscow and all Russia in general.

Girls in Ukraine and Russia

Russian women have higher salaries, but at the same time, their style is less fancy. They prefer casual clothes both for practical reasons and due to their mentality.

Girls in Ukraine and Russia cannot rely on local men much. They are often lazier than women, have drinking issues and do not focus on one girl only. That’s why women are into foreigners.

Some Eastern European brides spend years searching for a good mate among tourists. And there are plenty of foreigners in both countries indeed! They happen to stay and start a business.

But if you’re a jealous type, you should calm down since both Russian and Ukrainian girls are quite selective about lovers. If the admirer is an obvious playboy, greedy, ignorant, he’ll get nothing.

Ironically, the slight shadow of Soviet thinking is still there anyway as some of the provincial girls consider dating or getting married to a local guy more decent than to a foreigner.

As a result, - after a year or two they are left alone with a baby on their hands and that’s why so many Slavic girls who are seeking a foreign partner, have a divorced status.


How to date Ukrainian women vs Russian?

Although they are often open-minded about sex and relationships, they are far from Swedish or Polish emotional independence and are in fact fixed on the idea of marriage.

Their family-oriented nature and a very picky attitude is just a killing combination as they are the first ones who suffer from it. Luckily, Russian and Ukrainian women are starting to change.

It always makes sense to ask about a girl’s background, her parents’ first meeting and their recent relationship, her habit to take care of other family members, her ability to cook, etc.

Many will confess that they want a baby or a second child. But they don’t put enough efforts to attract a potential partner and are a bit selfish in all this courtship process.

Try to get frank answers to your questions and find out what she really needs aside from the expensive shoes. Maybe her granny needs a medicine, it’s not difficult at all to be a gentleman and buy it.

Russia and Ukraine so similar

Or maybe her younger sibling needs something for school, it normally isn’t very costly and you can show you’re a decent man by helping out. But you should cut it when you see any misbehaviour.

Here is when you should be suspicious about a Russian or Ukrainian girl you are dating:

·      when she’s in hurry home on every date, especially after the secret phone call;

·      when she says she lives in a distanced village and the taxi price is enormous;

·      when she speaks only about her financial needs and other topics don’t interest her;

·      when she says she’s from the war area (Donetsk or Lugansk) and all her belongings got burnt including the house and the wardrobe; etc.

Of course, some of that can be true but you should definitely wait with any big investments until you reach at least initial understanding and romance. It isn’t cruel, just practical and healthy.

As to the war topic, most of the girls in Ukraine and Russia got their own position about it. 70 percent are patriotic and other 30 percents are on the enemies side. It’s kind of complicated.

If you don’t know how to fill the breaks in conversation, ask her about her position and you’ll be provided with her long speech. But, there are escapers from Donetsk both in Ukraine and Russia.

Russian mail order bride.

If you’re searching for a long-time partner, try to define from the beginning whether she is very attached to her roots. She can give you promises just to get a sponsor, so test her more than twice.

If her mother is a sick old woman, or her father is very strict and limiting, or her job is too good to leave it, or her kid won’t adapt to a new environment, she has to say it on the very start.


Where to take a girl you date in Ukraine?

If you’re going to visit Ukraine to meet nice girls there, but you know nothing about the country, we may help you. Moreover, we’ll tell you which places makes sense to visit and which not.

As you probably know, you can get acquainted with Ukraine girls either on the Internet or in local nightclubs. We would suggest Ibiza nightclub in Odessa and all clubs of the high class.

Yo club in Odessa is also the right place for meeting a nice girl while Palladium club is absolutely at the end of the list. Its boring atmosphere and low-class visitors shall only spoil your mood.

Ukraine girls

Once you have a girl’s phone number, you may arrange your next date. If you’re using the marital agency services, it may be an interpreter’s phone number. Do not hesitate and arrange a meeting.

It’s typical to meet near the McDonalds on the main street, as you cannot get lost in such central areas. Then you chose a place together, usually a restaurant, and go there.

If you are short in money or just reasonable and want to have a cup of tea only, don’t go too far and stop at cheap central places such as Kompot or Top-Sandwich in Odessa, Ukraine.

Those are great places with simple dishes and acceptable prices. Moreover, if you’re very hungry but have only a few dollars with you, you can go to the Athena Mall cafe or similar ones.

A famous Ukrainian borsch and vareniki, salads, pancakes and lots of other food are available there for the very small money. The same about Puzata Khata chain that can be found in any city.

But if you want to show some class to your girl, take her to the Steakhouse, Klarabara, Voyage restaurant, or to Koumanets, the fanciest restaurant with traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

There are also plenty of sushi places and pizzerias in each city. Some pubs too, but it’s rather an evening option when it’s time to get a little drunk and practice a kiss on a public.

Enjoy your date with a girl but watch her ordering tactic. If she orders too much and even takes some food with her, it can mean she’s using you for a free meal so it’s better if she orders a few.

If she mostly orders a big piece of meat, means she’s probably hard-working, tired, and hungry. Ask her about her daily activities. A girl who orders just a dessert and tea is delicate enough.

date Ukrainian women

But at the same time, she isn’t in hurry to pay you back with her caresses. A girl who orders several bottles of mineral water and something salty or marinated may be a party animal so watch out.

Finally, a girl who orders fresh juices, salads, and a salmon, obviously cares a lot about her figure and leads a healthy lifestyle. She may be a good partner for you.

Ask her if she’s cooking well and how often she’s exercising. But accompany your questions with a polite compliment. The same concerns a Russian mail order bride.

Only most serious girls who want to get married the soonest, agree to just walk around, sit in the park or go somewhere by the city bus. Those are usually older ladies, very committed ones.

But again, the choice is yours. If you want a young, model-looking girl, you shall be ready to meet her requirements and provide her with rather a glamorous lifestyle. It’s the same for all Europe.