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Ukraine Women Scam

The Pattern of Ukraine Women Scam

Ukraine Women ScamDue to the rise in desire for Ukrainian women by men across the globe, some unscrupulous persons are using this opportunity to defraud unsuspecting men of their hard-earned money and valuables using the names and profiles of Ukrainian women. With the rise in the incidence of the scam perpetrated in the name of women and ladies from Ukraine, the fraud is termed Ukraine women scam.
It should be stated clearly that the largest percentage of the scams did not originate from Ukrainian ladies, rather it was committed by impostors. Consequently, it is expedient that the pattern of the scam should be discussed for innocent people not to fall victims to scam.
There are different ways through which the impostors (usually pretending to be women from Ukraine) approach their victims (usually men). The most common way is by signing up for multiple accounts on different online dating sites by using pictures of beautiful Ukrainian ladies. The scammer starts by sending unsolicited messages to several men on sites. The scammer will continue to send more messages and include sensual pictures to arouse the victim’s interest.

When the victim responds, correspondences have started. Then the scammer will continue to play on the emotion of the victim by telling him how much she loves him. She would ensure always to send sensual messages to him to kickstart a relationship, and continue to tell the man her fantasies about him. She could phone the man using a pay phone to prove real to the man.
After some time, the scammer would tell the man that she would like to visit him in his country and that she needed some amount of money to perfect her travel documents. Besides, she may tell the man to help her with some money to repay her parent’s mortgage or settle the parents’ hospital bills. The core message of the woman will center on money.  She might go to the extent of scanning fake travel document to convince the man to transfer money for her ticket. 
She would continue to extort money from the man until he realizes that he has been scammed because the woman will never pay him any visit. The best way to prevent getting scammed is to avoid sending money to anyone you meet on the internet. To be realistic, Ukrainian women are contented with whatever they have and will never demand money from any man. The truth is that Ukraine women scam is not done by Ukrainian women.
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