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What are the Most Important Facts About Ukraine Women Culture?


What are the Most Important Facts About Ukraine Women Culture?

Premarital sex, different dances, magic potion -these are the traditions of Ukrainians, of which not everyone knows. Almost every man in the world dreams about Ukrainian women, and it’s not a surprise, because these ladies know how to make man’s life much better. If you’ve decided to marry such a girl, then
you have to know the most important facts about Ukraine women culture. And the great dating platform is ready to help you. This is the best free dating site, where everyone has the opportunity to meet true happiness and some interesting facts about women. One important fact is, that women from Ukraine are great housewives but still, you need to know about them more.

What were the most popular Ukrainian traditions?

1. Girls did the first step. Until the 17th century, Ukrainian girls could be the first to confess to guys. About the "wild" tradition, the French engineer and cartographer Guillaume Levasseur de Boplan recalled in his "Description of Ukraine." The girl came home to the guy whom they loved, and asked him to marry. To refuse the girl was considered a bad omen. Therefore, the boys were forced to say goodbye to a happy bachelor life.

2.Between hugs and sex. At the vespers it was allowed young people to communicate "closer". Idle guys and girls gathered for the evening (mostly at the widow's house, which was supposed to watch them). There they ate, drank, played games, and then engaged in "between hugs and sex."

Formed couples went to bed together and were engaged in "sex in half," that is, so as to preserve the maiden's innocence. However, it was not always possible, often the girls became pregnant and did not even understand how it happened. There is evidence that 45.6% of women, who went to vespers, lost their virginity before marriage.

3.Permitted night at Kupala. John Kupala is a festival of human unity with nature. So for this day the guys allowed themselves an unauthorized, but such a natural things. The girls wove wreaths and threw them into the water or fire, if the guy received a wreath - the girl was forced to kiss him. In addition, the whole evening the girl was supposed to spend with a guy in a pair. And there is little that could happen between young people at night in the forest while searching for the flower of the fern without the supervision of strict adults.

What is the role of Ukrainian woman in modern world?

The time has passed and a lot of traditions have changed. The functions of modern date Ukrainian woman are completely different, but what are they?

1. Woman should be a mother, the mother - on a physical level, a woman should give birth, feed, dress and protect her child. Social and psychological level defines to it such functions as support, care, upbringing, satisfaction of children’s needs, assistance, training, transfer of experience.

2. A woman should be a wife - create coziness, give comfort to the family, make order in the home, create a good atmosphere and warmth of human relations, as well as support sexual relations that improve mutual understanding and health of the husband.

3. Women should be an employee. She has flexibility in decision-making, resourcefulness and a more attentive attitude to detail, a sense of responsibility, despite such a minus as excessive emotionality in behavior, she achieves serious success in any field, masters complex sciences, introduces projects for the development of companies, etc. We would like to note that women play a more significant role in the economies of developing countries. The rapid economic growth of developing countries has led to a proportionate growth of opportunities for women in business.

4. Woman should be a creator. She inspires and creates. For the creation of the world, a woman does not need to become self-absorbed, not to bear resentment and disappointment in her heart, but to be able to combine all the essentials that will allow her to achieve creative growth and success.

So, we have identified two main areas of the woman's activity - the keeper of the house and the business lady, an active participant in the economic processes taking place in the society.